Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Hundred Year War

Having recently received an unsolicited mailing from Congressman Paul Broun in which he parroted the official Bush-Cheney line that we must never leave Iraq until an as-of-yet-undefined victory is achieved,* today I was daydreaming about having the money to run a billboard campaign around the district that says:

Vote for 100 years of war in Iraq.
Vote for 80,000 American deaths in Iraq.
Vote to spend $10 trillion tax dollars in Iraq.
Vote for Paul Broun!

So check out this new ad from the DNC! Clearly it is time to resume wearing my tin foil hat, as they have been reading my mind again.

* After Vietnam didn't we all decided that from now on "victory" would be defined before the war? So much for the Powell Doctrine...

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