Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain Craters with Letterman

In much the same way that SNL blew all the magic hockey dust off Sarah Palin with Tina Fey's brilliant... um, you know... I dunno... mockery of her, Letterman may be personally responsible for driving a stake through McCain's campaign suspension stunt.

From a campaign PR standpoint it was the worst yet. Letterman was so pissed off by John McCain's last-second cancellation in support of this proposterous stunt that he would proceed to lambaste McCain hilariously for an hour in front of something like 3.4 million amused Americans. Worse yet, halfway through the show it is revealed that McCain lied to Letterman about the fact that he was heading straight to the airport to fly back to Washington. (As it turned out, McCain didn't even leave New York until the next day!)

Whatever you think of McCain or Letterman, it was one-of-a-kind television moment at a pivotal point in this election. It will be interesting to see if the negative effects disappear in the media clutter or resonate further. A certain percentage of the millions who saw that show on teevee or have since watched the clips on YouTube came to the conclusion that I did:

John McCain is a man that will tell you a big fat lie right to your face to serve himself.

Remember when the Republicans were very concerned about the lies a Presidents might tell? "We don't care that Bill got a blowjob from Monica, its the fact that he lied about it," they said on their way to launching Clinton's impeachment on charges of perjury.

Well whether they care about it now or not, the rest of us had better beware. You'd better believe that if McCain will lie to an "important" guy like David Letterman he'll sure do it to the American People.

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