Friday, February 19, 2010

From the USMC assault on Marja

Can you imagine a more hellish place to risk your melon? Men have been shot from an estimated 500-700 yards.

Who would have thought in this day and age we would see American troops on the ground marching through a heavily defended countryside ala France in 1944? Where are all our missiles, smart bombs and stealth bombers? I miss the days of casualty-free shock and awe air campaigns.

The Taliban will fight hard to retain control of the world's most prolific poppy fields. Though I'm surprised they can cultivate anything at all given that this area looks like a barren hellscape.

And whom will the coalition put in charge of those poppy fields after we inevitably take them? Or will we waste more lives and resources trying to stamp out poppy growth in Afghanistan - another endless drug war in a distant land in a hopeless effort to stamp out free market economics.

The things we send our children to die for... It's insane.

Read the whole story at the NY Times: Snipers Imperil U.S.-Led Forces in Afghan Offensive.

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