Thursday, June 17, 2010

So... who pays for it?

Congressman Joe Barton from Texas (R), the ranking Energy Committee member, has apologized to BP for the deeply shameful act of President Obama "shaking down" a corporation to the tune of $20 billion for Gulf region repair and restitution. This is surprising, since the only realistic alternative is for the American Taxpayer to foot the bill for most of the cleanup and countless lives ruined, the kind of bailout he bitterly opposed two years ago. Check it out!

Or perhaps Congressman Barton imagines a third path, in which no one pays and the Gulf Coast can go f$ck itself?

Just for fun, here is Secretary Chu failing to explain plate tectonics to Mr. Barton, who smirks like the high school oaf who thinks he has just stumped the brainy kid.

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