Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Coasters I Rode at Busch Gardens Tampa

Kwazi - Tiger
Wooden coaster was quite violent in the nest of tight curves after the opening hills. My mother complained, "It shook me up like a milkshake!"

This was terrifying. The long pauses and not having a floor or an enclosure made the terror intense.

This is a great coaster! Despite being a true danglefoot, Montu delivers the feeling of flight over a long, loping, looping ride. Fast!

Another smooth and fast coaster that totally rocks - like riding on a rocket ship or a vehicle in a Star Wars movie.

Sand Serpent
Much scarier than it looks! The wheels are under the car, so each of those tight 180 curves it felt like we had flown the track and were headed for the parking lot.

Despite small coaster the ride is intense as the loop, the curves and the helix are all very tight.

Cheetah Hunt
This was brand new so the line was too long to ride. It looks amazing! Note the power launch and boosters along the way. I love the canyon and trench runs - just like being in an X-wing Fighter!

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