Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One Nation Under Tyranny and Shame

Apparently we have a new level of depravity and shame to embrace. Medical examinations of 11 former guests of the United States of America have revealed new insights to our institutionalization of torture and violence.

Leonard Rubenstein, president of the advocacy group, said the men, particularly those held in Iraq, described "gratuitous cruelty" by U.S. personnel.

"Another key finding is that the authorized techniques, many of which themselves amount to torture, begat yet additional forms of torture, proving once again that once torture starts it can't be contained," Rubenstein said.

The report gave one example of the case of a man named Amir, arrested by U.S. forces in Iraq in August 2003.

Amir said while at Abu Ghraib prison he was placed in a foul-smelling room and forced to lay face down in urine while he was hit and kicked. He was also sodomized with a broomstick and forced to howl like a dog while a soldier urinated on him. After a soldier stepped on his genitals, he fainted.

Remember how just a few years ago we were recoiling at stories of the Hussein torture and rape chambers, that these were part of the justification for the invasion? Yet again, "we have met the enemy and he is us". These acts, and the fact they were authorized at the highest levels, are a degradation of everything that the American flag has stood for these many decades.

A curse upon George W. Bush and his cabal of sycophants for bringing us these national disgraces!

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