Monday, June 2, 2008

These times, they are a-changing

See: New York Times - June 3, 2008

Take a good look at the farming land in southern Spain these days. That place is one good windstorm from turning into a dust bowl ala Oklahoma USA, circa 1933.

If the same kind of baked starvation comes to take our friends in Mexico and Central America, we can expect a significant number of refugees to flow northward - the kind of mass migrations that may or may not be either controllable or stoppable without resorting to one kind of barbarous atrocity or another.

It is impossible to predict the ways and scope with which a transcontinental migration would affect our nation, but there is certainly no doubt it would have an impact. Would it be possible to absorb that many people without throwing the system wildly off kilter? Could we even feed them all?

The gigantic scope of a migration of this kind lends credence to two independent conspiracy theories:

1. That Homeland Security and Border Patrol's Great Wall of Mexico has little to do with controlling the drug trade or the movement of economic immigrants and has everything to do with stopping the coming tide of refugees. Will we enforce this wall with fire and sword, spilling the blood of hundreds of thousands? Or will we be able to hold them at bay to starve below it, allowing some of the U.S.A.'s most brutal desert terrain to do our dirty work for us?

Far and away the most troubling whispers about the Great Wall are the plans to hire the international Christian mercenaries of Blackwater to guard the thing.

Blackwater is planning to build an 824-acre military-style training complex in Potrero, Calif., a rural hamlet 45 miles east of San Diego. The company's proposal, which was approved last December by the Potrero Community Planning Group and has drawn protest from within the Potrero community, will turn a former chicken ranch into "Blackwater West," the company's second-largest facility in the country. It will include a multitude of weapons firing ranges, a tactical driving track, a helipad, a 33,000-square-foot urban simulation training area, an armory for storing guns and ammunition, and dorms and classrooms. And it will be located in the heart one of the most active regions in the United States for illegal border crossings.

Subcontracting of the patrol of the southern border would be nothing short of selling off the defense of the nation. It would be a travesty to consider sending a river of tax dollars to fund any company, let alone a private army of evangelical commandos with a track record for recklessness, brutality and a complete lack of accountability. How might a group like that respond if you ever tried to turn off that flow of tax dollars?

2. That at the darkest depths of the coming economic collapse the cabal of government and international banking will tell the American people that the only hope for salvation will come with EU-style merger of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, at which time the new tri-national currency will become the Amero.

This is relevant because it may be easier to control the flow of people by merging the infrastructures beforehand in order to streamline the flow of resources needed to keep chaos from descending. There is also the not-insignificant tactical consideration of the idea that by agreeing to support the Mexican population we could possibly stop the flow of immigration from Central and South America by moving the southern border from its current Texas-to-California location all the way to the southern tip of Mexico, where that country borders Belize and Guatemala. Not only is this border 2,000 miles away, but the wall shrinks from 1,952 miles long down to a trim 697 miles. From that distance it would also be much easier to forget all about the terrible deeds that would surely take place on the killing field before a wall of that kind.

Every generation of people sings "These times, they are a-changing," but I never dreamed we might live to see the kind of change that you associate with the ice ages and massive droughts of the distant past. Perhaps it is not so surprising after all that 99.9% of all the species that have ever lived are now extinct. Scoff at the interest paid in the plight of the polar bears, but the simple fact is that our furry white cousins are only the tip of the melting iceberg.

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