Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three Songs That Play in My Head

over and over and over and over....

Beastie Boys: "Intergalactic" from Hello Nasty.
Click here for this all-time-great, must-see music video.

Jazz and Awol that's our team
Step inside the party disrupt the whole scene
When it comes to beats well I'm a fiend
I like my sugar with coffee and cream

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Beastie Boys: "Just a Test", also from Hello Nasty.
Attached here to some random cloud footage.

Like sand in one hand You can't hold for long
Like scheming on a plan that goes all wrong
Like fudge and caramel they're not the same
And it's a shame all you talk is game

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MC Frontalot + Optimus Rhyme: "Very Poorly Concealed Secret Track" from Secrets from the Future. Song ends at 4:57.

Every ball is branded, serve it left-handed
O.R.P.P.R.B. see the label in demand

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