Monday, March 17, 2008


Check out this completely groovy two seat, three-wheeled, 230 mpg plug-in gas/electric hybrid car! Whether in the Aptera or a Toyota Prius with a beefed up battery system, gas-electric hybrids that have the option of being plugged in seem like the wave of the future. They will be equipped with battery packs that will sustain the typical "around town" driving, but have the flexibility of a gasoline engine for long trips or anytime when batteries are drained.

Best of all, this is not science fiction - Daimler-Chrysler's new Sprinter van will run on its batteries for the first 20 miles!

Of course, electricity is not free, but it tends to be cleaner than burning oil and it is the "common denominator" for almost all forms of renewable and traditional energy, whether that is solar, wind, geothermal, coal, nuclear... Lots of other options to fill those batteries besides Middle Eastern oil.

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