Sunday, March 9, 2008

Campaign Tallies of the Superdelegates

I found a list of all 712 individual Democratic superdelegates, sorted by alliance with Hillary, alliance with Obama or by lack of an alliance. The list can be sifted by a number of criteria, including state, position of superdelegate, gender, and several other factors. You can also click on the individual names and see a short profile. Most interesting to me, many of the names are followed by a short statement of explanation by the superdelegate, a fascinating mix that runs from passionate to administrative.

Its amazing to me how high voter participation has been running this year, how everyone has been so closely following this race. I read that in Teton, Wyoming, not more than 200 people had ever turned out for a caucus and today they got over 1,000. But then its also understandable given these changing times, when it seems like we have entered an era of transition as a nation and around the world... Our out-of-control debt, the sagging economy, the end of cheap oil, the rise of the Euro/fall of the Dollar, the change in the weather and the sudden resurgence of both of the ancient enemies of the West - Persia and Islam - any of these is cause for concern, together they are outright worrisome.

And so while I certainly have my favorite, I can honestly say it is a relief to have three candidates who are each extremely strong in their own ways. Its essential that we end up with a leader who can help us to ride atop the waves of change rather drive us to be crushed beneath them, and its possible that any of these could do so.

In the meantime its reassuring to know that we belong to a strong community, a family of friends ready to help each other along through come-what-may!

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