Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bush 43 fires another one!

Bush 43's rich history of ignoring and/or firing dissenting commanders in Iraq continues.

Admiral Fallon was abruptly dismissed this week, silencing one of the Bush administration's "fiercest opponents of a unilateral military strike against Iran". While the analysts insist that the odds of Bush successfully finding a reason to launch war against Iran are dwindling in the twilight of his presidency, never underestimate the willingness of this administration to fake another Gulf of Tonkin Incident to justify a last minute "counterattack" on Iran.

If McCain wins we should have nothing to worry about. McCain went to the White House to kiss Bush 43's ring the very first thing the next morning after clinching the nomination and came out saying "Stay the course in Iraq". Both 43 and Cheney know they can count on McCain to roll out the master plan that they believe history will gaze so fondly upon at some undetermined point in the future.

However, if either Obama or Clinton take the election, we've got that long stretch between November 4 and January 20 to hope and pray that Bush and Cheney don't decide to attack Iran using the excuse that he took one of those dreaded 3:00 am phone calls we've heard so much about lately.

Most terrifying of all, the possibility that the event that they would use to justify attacking or even nuking Iran would be staged on American soil. Unthinkable? Don't forget that it was recently revealed that Kennedy's generals proposed staging attacks on US civilians in order to generate support for an attack on Cuba.

The question is, after the mix of lies and incompetence that have characterized our involvement with Iraq and the Middle East, do you trust this man's judgment as much as would have trusted John F. Kennedy?

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