Saturday, March 29, 2008

Two Recommendations

I've got two recommendation for your personal entertainment.

1. Charlie Wilson's War
Tom Hanks and Phillip Seymour Hoffman deliver an extremely entertaining explanation of how the CIA caused the Soviet Union to go bankrupt thanks to the cost of their unwinnable war in Afghanistan.

If you see it, remember to consider that part where the Soviet Union went bankrupt, then factor that in with the fact that the United States of America currently spends more on defense than the rest of the world combined. Almost ten times the amount spent by either of the nearest nations on the list, China and Russia. And that we are not only bogged down in Afghanistan, but in Iraq as well.

2. Frontline: Bush's War
You can see the entirety of this two part PBS documentary that "tells the epic story of how the Iraq war began and how it has been fought, both on the ground and deep inside the government." Its largely interview based, with the people who were there telling the story.

It's at once incredible illuminative and deeply, deeply appalling.

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